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Toyota IMMO Off Data 4D Key Tool Immobilizer Off Software Special For Toyota . You Can Use It To Repair Immobilizer And Synchronization

What is Toyota 4D Key Tool?

Toyota 4D Key Tool is an Immobilizer off Software Special for Toyota. You'll use it to Repair Immobilizer and Synchronization with Motor ECU Utility.

Toyota 4D Key Tool Installation OS Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/7/8/10

Minimum Specifications:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or ADM Athlon X2 2.4 Ghz
HDD: 160GB

The way to Use Toyota 4D Key Tool ?

Remove immo (Transponder ID ECU) from the car. Open it and skim EEPROM. Open immo dump with “TOYOTA 4D KEY TOOL” and push “Generate keys”.
Now using any transponder tool (Code reader, ZedBull, RW4, or other) write transponder data to TPX3 or EH (electronic 4D emulator). This transponder are going to be the car Master (Black) key.

Car not start – unknown problem:

First, make car immobilizer and motor ECU diagnostic. If Immobilizer has error code “wrong transponder” or “transponder ID isn't registered” – generate new transponder from immobilizer dump.
If are not any fault codes within the immobilizer and motor ECU is fault code “immobilizer fault B2799” – you would like to synchronize immo-motor ECU.

Toyota 4D Key Tool Support Car List:

Avensis 2003:

The location of the immobox is simply within the middle of the dash very deep towards the windscreen.IMMOBOX : 89780-05030, EEPROM : 24C04

Aygo 2005:

The location of the immobox is behind the dashboard. IMMOBOX : 89780 – 0H011, EEPROM : 24C04

Corolla 2005:

The negative feedback circuit of the engine immobiliser system has been integrated into the engine ECU. The engine ECU is mounted behind the passenger side glove box. Sometimes immobiliser system has immo box. Inside is 93C66 EEPROM

Hilux 2006:

Immo Location: Behind the noise insulation coat. Inside is 93C66 EEPROM

Prius 2005:

The location of the immobox is behind the wheel . IMMOBOX : 89780-0F010, EEPROM : 93LC66B
Toyota 4D Key Tool v1.2 Free Download (6)

Rav4 2004:

The immo box is mounted within the lower control panel . Inside is 93C66 EEPROM.
Toyota 4D Key Tool v1.2 Free Download (7)

Yaris 2003:

The immo box is mounted within the upper center of the control panel . Inside is 93C56 or 93C66 EEPROM
Toyota 4D Key Tool v1.2 Free Download (8)

Motor ECU synchronization:

All Toyota Lexus with OBDII connector engine ECU registration procedure

Engine ECU Replacement:

When the Engine ECU is replaced, ECU communication must be completed.ECU communication must be performed between the transponder ECU and therefore the Engine ECU.Complete ECU communication using the subsequent steps:
A.Insert a registered passkey into the ignition cylinder.
B.Turn the ignition ON (engine OFF)
C.Short Tc and CG terminals of DLC 3 using Diagnosis Check Wire (SST 09843-18020 or equivalent) and leave for half-hour .
Toyota 4D Key Tool v1.2 Free Download (9)
D.After half-hour , turn ignition OFF and take away check wire from DLC3
E.Start the vehicle to verify successful ECU communication
Note: If ECU communication isn't completed correctly, the engine won't start and DTC b2799 are going to be set. DTC B2799 are going to be cleared after the engine starts correctly